The Captain's Corner

Bobby Brown

Born and raised in Hawaii, Capt. Bobby Brown was 12 years old when he caught his first Blue Marlin. By age 15, he and his brother had acquired a 14' P14 and continued his pursuit of this elusive fish.

Bobby attended college in California and majored in mechanical engineering. He is married and has three grown children. When not fishing, Bobby returns to Clarksville Georgia, a small town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Mr. Brown acquired his Captain's license in 1967 and hasn't looked back. His first boat "Mai Tai" was an old round bottom, single-engine wooden boat whose top speed was just past trolling.

For the last two years Capt. Brown has been running the "Coral C", a 65' Rybovich. He previously ran a 54' Merritt "No Problem" and a 54' Bertram "No Problem" which he took on its own bottom from Florida through the Panama canal to Southern California and all the way to Hawaii and back.

In 1984 and 1985 he ran a Rybovich "Lone Eagle II" built as the Little Pete in 1967, hull #65.

When we asked him what was the best part of being a Captain he said: "It's getting paid to do something you love".

His favorite fishing grounds are Panama and Costa Rica, but "if you're looking for sheer numbers, its Cape Verde for Blue Marlin. It's a beautiful place."

Captain Bobby Brown


He has caught five "granders": two in Australia, one at 1059 lbs. Two in the Pacific, one 1170 and the other 1376 in 1982, which is still the World Record (wow, that's impressive!) and one in Madeira at 1100 lbs.

He's had 18 to 20 world records. Three are still standing: 1376 lbs. on 130 lb. test men's pacific all tackle record, Atlantic Blue Marlin 350 lbs. on 12 lb. test in Cape Verde, and 180 lb. Blue Marlin on 8 lb. test in Carillo, Costa Rica. Fonda Huizenga was the angler.

We are very proud to have Captain Bobby Brown at the helm of one of our boats.